Mobile Technology

Basic applications development for smart phones, tablets, . . . . Mac OS, Android, iBooks, responsive, dashBoard, some PHP,. . .


We went thru our stint of developing courseware content for the iBooks platform. Content was distributed via iTunesU. How that was handled? - I am uncertain, since I was only engaged with the course development aspect of that endevour.


For a number of years, I created content utilizing Macromedia Flash and the Shockwave plug-in. It was phased out in my development in 2012. It had a good run, but alas, things change, and we must change with them. Flash was later purchased by Adobe, I have not kept up with development in the application.

Web Development

Joomla, Blackboard, iBooks, Flash, . . .

Currently, I am a web developer/multimedia specialist, been in this line of work for over 10 years. Working with a development team of instructional designers, content specialists, and video editors . . . to create engaging interactive content for online courses.

Samples of various web technologies that I have worked with, and utilized, . . . . how the technologies have changed over the years.

You have to understand that a majority of all my samples for wed development are screen captures of courses I created. For reasons of access restriction, I cannot provide access to active courses.

Content created with a multitude of technologies . . . CSS, HTML5, Javascript, Jquery, Hype, XML, Flash, . . .

Current development


Creating content for the Joomla Content Management System (CMS). My current employer extensively utilizes this technology to restrict access to registered students, faculty and developers. And so, I must work within the constraints of the technology.


My employer has been utilizing BlackBoard for almost 20 years, originally a beta tester for the platform. I have worked with this Learning Management System (LMS) for a number of years. I did not extensively handle the administration of the platform, as much as, creating interactive content for the courses. I had more experience with the platform years ago, but with the growing staff, I was relieved of the responsibility to administer the BlackBoard portal.