Concept Rendering

Freehand sketches for a variety of clients. . . p.o.p. displays concepts, fashion drawings, residential sketches, architecture drawings, . . .

In a previous careers before architecture, I was involved with small residential developers, advertising agencies and corporate in-house productions. That work was at a time before I learned digital media.

Architectural Illustration

Working at HKS Architects

Had a seven year stint creating concept architectural illustrations. I moving around, worked for a few firms in Dallas, until I ended up the the prestigious HKS Architects in Dallas. It was the pinnacle of the architectural firms in Dallas.

It was a fast-paced, high pressure position that required commitment and many hours. It was an incredible experience, learned so much about big firm environment and work pace. Later, I decided to convert to a more digital/computerized career . . . and moved on from architecture.

Science Fiction and book illustrations

Went thru an era during my freelancer time when I created a lot of SciFi and illustrations for many projects of varying styles.